By: Emmanuel Ajayi

Your Rights as a Landlord

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Are you a landlord? With more people moving to Calgary in need of accommodation, many individuals have invested in income property. Perhaps you rent out a multiplex or lease an apartment in your basement. Whatever your circumstances, you should know your rights as a landlord. Here are the basics.   Landlord and tenant laws The Alberta Tenancies Act covers the rights and responsibilities of ...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

What’s Happening in the Calgary Real Estate Market Right Now?

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    There’s no doubt that 2022 was a very tumultuous year for real estate in the city. Whether you were in the market to sell your home or looking to purchase a property, things moved fast with individuals vying for scarce listings, bidding wars and both houses and condos selling quickly. So, it’s no wonder that people keep asking me about the current status of real estate ...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

5 Calgary Delightful Day Trip Suggestions

Tags: 5 Calgary Delightful Day Trip Suggestions

  Are you looking for some great places to visit in Calgary with the kids during the holiday break? Maybe you’re hosting out of town guests who would enjoy a chance to see more of our fair city. Let me share five of my favourite day trips with you. Stephen Avenue There’s a lot to see by taking a stroll along one of the city’s main downtown streets, Stephen Avenue. This...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

Tips to Sell Property Inherited with Family Members

Tags: Property Inherited with Family Members

Have you recently inherited a home from a loved one who passed away? It’s not unheard of for the surviving children to be gifted the family home once their parents have died. When you find yourself in this position, hopefully, you’ll already be prepared with some plans for this valuable asset. If you and your siblings intend to sell the house, here are the steps to take. Make sure eve...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

Why is Winter a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Tags: Good Time to Buy a Home

If you’re looking for the perfect property you might be wondering if buying a home in winter is a good idea. Maybe you’re ready to find your dream home, want to accommodate your family with a larger house or planning to downsize in retirement. Whatever the case, the colder months can be the perfect opportunity to start house hunting. Here’s what my experience has taught me: Less...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

When to Rent and When to Buy

Tags: When to Rent and When to Buy

Do you currently rent your home? Maybe you’ve been in the same house or apartment for a few years and are wondering if it might be a good time to purchase a property. This is a very big decision and the answer isn’t the same for everyone. To help you determine if this is the right time for you to jump into home ownership, take a look at the questions below. How are your finances? Thi...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

Sold! Here’s How I Can Sell Your Home Fast in Calgary

Tags: Here’s Why my Listing Sells Quickly

Real estate is more than career to me – it’s something that I live and breath. There’s no greater feeling in the world than helping one of my client’s seal the deal on selling their property. I know how important it is to find a buyer who recognizes the value of your home and is interested in moving quickly. As one of the top producing sales agents with CIR Realty, my track...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

The Best Low-cost Family Weekend Activities in Calgary

Tags: Weekend Activities in Calgary

Weekends are precious times for spending with family. If you have youngsters, you’ll appreciate how quickly children grow up. Here are some great ideas for making marvelous memories with your loved ones without breaking the bank. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre This is a wonderful place to spend some family time. Would you believe the conservation area has been in operation sinc...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

Moving Tips

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Would you believe that the average Canadian family moves every five to seven years? If you’re moving house, whether it’s to another city or across town, is a very big undertaking. So, you could definitely benefit from some advice – right? Here are 10 tips to remember. Some of this is shared from my personal experience. Purge what you don’t need Why waste time and energ...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

Renting Out Your Property

Tags: Renting Out Your Property

Do you have a property that you’d like to rent? If you’ve read my blog post about advertising on Airbnb, that’s one option. On the other hand, perhaps you’re thinking of a long-term lease and are confident that you understand what’s involved in being a landlord. Here’s my best advice on how to rent out your property. Determine the finances Educate yourself abo...Read More