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Do You Want to Park a Trailer on Your Property? Here Are the Rules in Calgary

Tags: Parking a Trailer on Your Property

Spring has definitely arrived in our fair city and, like many Calgarians, you might be thinking about a summer vacation. Trailers and other types of recreational vehicles are extremely popular these days for getaways. Maybe you want to park your RV at your home to accommodate out-of-town family visiting or you simply want a safe place to store it nearby? Here are the rules for having a trailer on ...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

What’s Calgary city council discussing that may impact home owners?

Tags: Calgary city council 

If you’re a homeowner in our city of Calgary, no doubt you pay some attention to the local government scene. Your chief concerns likely relate to your property assessment. However, keep in mind that a range of decisions made by the mayor and city councilors can impact anyone who owns properties. Let’s take a look at the sorts of issues being debated at the city level. Property taxes ...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Get the Best Price in a Seller’s Market

Tags: Get the Best Price in a Seller’s Market

  If you’ve been paying attention to real estate news, you’ll be aware that Calgary is currently experiencing a seller’s market. That means that it’s the perfect time to sell your home. Having said that, you still want to get the best price possible for your house or condo. Here are some excellent strategies. Why we’re in a seller’s market First, let&rsq...Read More

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Housing Trends in Calgary and Projection for 2022

Tags: Housing Projection for 2022

If you’re in the market for a new home in Calgary, no doubt you’ve been paying close attention to real estate listings and prices. There are always new trends that influence house sales and it can be quite difficult to predict where things are going. Here’s my read of the current trends in our fair city and what we might expect on the horizon for 2022. Supply scarcity Right now...Read More

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Confused About Condos? Here Are the Different Types

Tags: Condos

    Are you hunting for the perfect condominium to call your new home? You may be dreaming of the advantages of condo living. If you think you know all that is about this type of dwelling, let me introduce some new information. Did you realize there are different types of condominiums? Here are the specifics. Basic rules To begin with, condo ownership gives you title and ownershi...Read More

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What to Consider When Buying a Fixer-Upper

Tags: When Buying a Fixer-Upper

Can’t find exactly what you’re searching for in a family home? Do some of the listing prices seem a bit out of reach? Maybe you’ve found several lovely houses but they’re just not in the right location. Don’t discount looking at a fixer-upper home. With a little time and effort and the right price point, you might be ready to move into the property of your dreams. The...Read More

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How Not to Pay Capital Gains Taxes When Selling Property

Tags: Capital Gains Taxes When Selling Property

Are you getting ready to list your home or commercial property for sale? Certainly, it’s a great time to be selling in Calgary. There’s considerable demand from buyers. One thing that might not come to mind right away is the issue of capital gains tax. Here’s the basic information to know about how it works and when it can impact your profit. Properties are treated differently ...Read More

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When Paying Your Mortgage Off Faster is a Good Idea and When it Isn’t

Tags: When Paying Your Mortgage

As a homeowner, your regular mortgage payment is a significant item in your budget. Whether you make monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments, this commitment requires substantial funds. Therefore, it’s no wonder that you may be working hard to pay down your mortgage quickly. But, hold on! There are circumstances when paying your mortgage off faster is a good idea and situations where it isn&r...Read More

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Buying an Investment Property? Here’s What You Need to Know

Tags: Buying an Investment Property?

Are you thinking of buying an investment property? Real estate, whether a single-family home, apartment complex, or place of business, can certainly provide some good monetary returns. However, before you take the leap, there are some questions you should ask yourself. Here’s what to consider. Type of property Give some thought to what kind of property you want to purchase and how it will ...Read More

By: Emmanuel Ajayi

5 Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Property in a Seller’s Market

Tags: 5 Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Property in a Seller’s Market

According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, our city is experiencing what’s called a seller’s market. This means that there’s currently a big demand for properties in Calgary and not enough homes for sale. If you’re thinking of listing your house, now is an excellent time to do it! When you put your property up for sale in a seller’s market, you’ll get more for ...Read More