By: Emmanuel Ajayi

Do You Want to Park a Trailer on Your Property? Here Are the Rules in Calgary

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Spring has definitely arrived in our fair city and, like many Calgarians, you might be thinking about a summer vacation. Trailers and other types of recreational vehicles are extremely popular these days for getaways. Maybe you want to park your RV at your home to accommodate out-of-town family visiting or you simply want a safe place to store it nearby? Here are the rules for having a trailer on your property.

What can I park on my property?

Not only can you park a travel trailer or motor home on your land, but you’re also permitted to keep other recreational items there such as a boat. City regulations permit you to keep your recreational vehicle on a side yard setback. And, you can have an RV in the front setback for as long as 36 hours. The city’s website has a handy illustration to assist.
Be aware that you must not block the view of traffic signs, roadways, intersections and playgrounds. Plus, your RV cannot be in the way of vehicle movement.

What are the rules around street parking?

It’s good to know that you’re allowed to also park your recreational vehicle on the street for a limited time. Similar to the rule around parking at the front of your property, you can leave an RV on the street in front of your home or in an alley for up to 36 hours.
You’re prohibited from parking in front of the home of a neighbour, taking up space in the road or on the sidewalk, or obstructing a driveway or garage. If you’re going to use an alley, it must be at least 6.1 metres wide.

Where can I learn more?

To find out more about just how Calgary’s rules might impact your specific situation, go to the City of Calgary website. This is where the relevant bylaws are presented. The city’s Traffic Bylaw and Land Use Bylaw discuss parking trailers, the use of roadways and the like.
In closing
Here’s to summer weather and for all Calgarians to have some much-needed vacation time! Don’t forget, if buying or selling a property is also on your wish list this year, I’d love to tell you how I can help. So, please reach out to me with confidence!