By: Emmanuel Ajayi

5 Calgary Delightful Day Trip Suggestions

Tags: 5 Calgary Delightful Day Trip Suggestions


Are you looking for some great places to visit in Calgary with the kids during the holiday break? Maybe you’re hosting out of town guests who would enjoy a chance to see more of our fair city. Let me share five of my favourite day trips with you.

  1. Stephen Avenue
There’s a lot to see by taking a stroll along one of the city’s main downtown streets, Stephen Avenue. This is actually a pedestrian mall that’s closed to traffic so you don’t have to worry about navigating busy intersections. Here you can take in the beautiful architecture of some historic buildings, marvel at many interesting sculptures, browse local boutiques and order refreshments at one of the cafes. The Devonian Gardens, a 2.5-acre mini botanical paradise with koi ponds, fountains and a child’s park, is on the fourth floor of the nearby CORE Shopping Centre.
  1. Calgary Tower
If you want to get a really good look at the city, take a trip up the Calgary Tower. The structure is 626 feet or 158 metres tall and gives you a great 360-degree aerial view. There’s an observation deck with a glass floor that will thrill the young ones. You can dine in the tower’s restaurant, buy a memento in the gift shop and watch a short movie on a huge curved screen about how the structure was built. If you’re in the area at night, the Tower is lit up in glorious colours.
  1. Studio Bell
Studio Bell is the home of Canada’s National Music Centre. It offers a number of fascinating exhibits about the history of music and other things music-related. You’ll get a close view of thousands of music artifacts and rare instruments. In addition, this is where one of the pianos owned by Elton John resides. The building includes a performance hall where you can take in an event. The architecture at Studio Bell is also quite beautiful.
  1. Heritage Park Historical Village
While the Heritage Park Historical Village is a great place to take the family in summer, its also worthy of a visit in the colder months. This is the biggest living history museum in the country with a large number of attractions and exhibitions. Some of the park area is closed in the winter but the Heritage Town Square welcomes guests year-round. There are special Christmas events and you can always tour the Gasoline Alley Museum.
  1. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre

If you’re seeking an interesting place for a nature walk, try the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre. The park is open throughout the year and the winter months give you an opportunity to see nonmigratory birds and other wildlife. Take your time hiking the winding trails and breathing in the fresh air. Not to be missed is the Indigenous art exhibition: Land is Home.

In closing

This is just a taste of what Calgary has to offer. If you haven’t gone on one of these day trip destinations yet, I hope I have inspired your curiosity.